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The Healer's Garden

The Healer's Garden - Nina Pierce At first this book was a little hard for me to get into. Girl on girl action is just not what I want to read about. I love me some MEN. I stubbornly kept picking up my kindle and am glad I did. This book is about a near post-apocalyptic society in which a pandemic almost wipes out males (now that would have been a shame). Males are segregated and used mostly for breeding and servitude. Females are raised to have an aversion to males and to believe that they are superior. The women's first interactions with males and their reactions to them were very interesting. Jahara and Brenimyn make a smart and sexy H/h combination. I loved watching Jahara's beliefs change as she got to know Brenimyn and fell in love with him. Throw in a plot to overthrow the government and full on revolution and it makes a great story with a new twist.